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Jeff Koons for H&M


Just hold on, we’re sewing at home…

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beautiful, just beautiful, lovely in the most perfect and graceful way


Roman god Nike in rocks glass, ice sculpture

In partnership with their marketing firm, TBWA Hakuhodo, Suntory has commissioned a series of one-of-a-kind ice sculptures that take the form of space shuttles, guitars, classical Japanese architecture, and Michelangelo’s David. 

“There are 3-D things, 3-D printers, and 3-D projection everywhere but none of it seems really useful,” says TBWA Executive Creative Director Kazoo Sato. “We wanted to create something meaningful.”

Each sculpture started as a block of ice nearly six inches wide and was painstakingly carved over a period of hours using a CNC router inside a 19 °F freezer/studio. A thick bit roughed out the form, a thin tip went for a second pass to bring out the details, and the cube was flipped so the process could be repeated. Each cube took between one and six hours of milling and some of the more complex designs, like the legs of the horse, required several blocks of ice to be milled and combined. 

Despite the extraordinary efforts, each artwork lasted for mere minutes when placed in the glass.

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Unser Haus, Haus in den Wiesen

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - 1920-1922

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the universe is a living creature whose behavior is ordered for the worst ›


in the beginning you experience one to several
nonspecific ideas about distance or sadness
you become aware of sounds and textures
existing independently of human experience
you have sex with him in the living room
and listen to a commercial on the television
he is looking upward at the ceiling now
you think he has found something worth looking at
he stands up, he doesn’t touch you
he gets dressed in silence and leaves the room
you find him on the balcony smoking a cigarette
he drinks cough syrup from a bottle with no label
you run your index finger along the edge of something
you touch a glass, then touch your mouth
you touch each of your ribs, individually
he says something indiscernible and
you say ‘i dont know what you are talking about’
you think about leaving, or sleeping on the floor
he hands you the cough syrup and walks back inside
you pour some cough syrup over the edge of the balcony
an orange puddle forms on the sidewalk

- Mira Gonzalez (via Adult-Mag.com)
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